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  Mission Statement  


The Mission Statement of  

Jonesboro Elementary School

is to ensure that our students have a quality education

provided by the faculty and staff. 

In collaboration with parents and community,  

we will ensure a safe learning environment  

capable of producing future leaders of tomorrow.






  About The School  



"The Star Maker School"


                                WE BELIEVE......

                                 · Student learning should be TOP PRIORITY in our school.

                                 · Instruction should ENCOMPASS all learning styles.

                                 · Students should DEMONSTRATE an UNDERSTANDING of knowledge,

                                   as well as PRODUCE quality work.

                                 · Students work best when ACTIVELY involved in the learning process.

                                 · Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and the Community,

                                   should SHARE  in the EDUCATION of OUR students.


School Email Address

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